‘On The Couch’ With Jasminda


Dear Jasminda,

It is hard enough to meet a soul mate, but now we are in the midst of a pandemic and everyone is keeping to themselves, how will I ever meet the woman of my dreams?

Mr David R.

Dear David,

It is definitely a challenge. I mean, most of us are sticking close to home and when we do go out it is like a budget version of a masquerade ball. They say one of the first things that people are attracted to is our smile, but it is a bit difficult when that smile is covered by three layers of cotton or a P95 mask complete with its warning label (an instant turnoff) or maybe one of those repurposed socks that are all the rage on Youtube but apparently not terribly effective for preventing virus transmission or getting a date.

The plus is it is a much more level playing field. We all look pretty similar at the moment in our iso-wear (obligatory black tights and tracksuit top) and face coverings. People will have to be attracted to each other on personality alone, not that there is much opportunity to discover that personality when we are standing on circles 1.5 metres apart.

Hugs and kisses and even handshakes are no go zones, and there is something distinctly unromantic about an elbow bump.

I suggest you join a mixed sports team. For some reason it is perfectly acceptable to grab people around the waist or hoist them up in the air by their shorts or stick your head near their buttocks as long as there is a rugby ball involved. Whether or not you will meet the woman of your dreams is questionable, but at least you will maintain some level of fitness which will be handy when life goes back to some semblance of normality.

Carpe diem,

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