Hawks Women’s Tackle play Hinton in pouring rain

One of many scrums, as the lights went on an hour early for the poor weather.

WEATHER was a harsh mistress during the Tea Gardens Hawks Women’s Tackle match against the Hinton Hornets on Saturday 1 June, carrying on from the Men’s game before it.

Despite the soul-freezing rain and wind, the women strode out for what was only their third actual game of the season, determined not to lose another opportunity to the elements.

As for the Men’s preceding it, constant rain meant a wet ball and a game riddled with fumbles and knock-ons by both sides, and some inordinate injuries that may make organisers rethink rainy matches in the near future.

The Hawks’ Dallas’ first attempt at a try was stymied at the last second, only to have Hinton’s fullback grab the ball and sprint all the way down the field for a try before the attack-focused Hawks could mount a proper defence.

More scrums were endured, the leagues’ only way to continue play, and although Hinton’s defence was apparently stronger, there was plenty of support and instruction forthcoming from the Hawks’ bench.

Halfback Chantelle Gallagher spearheaded the Hawks’ defence in front of the posts, single-handedly managing to push possession back by 30 metres, but Hinton’s second try came in the far left corner, ten minutes out from halftime.

Deteriorating weather caused the field lights to be switched on earlier than usual for the second half, and the Hawks started it out looking strong, getting the ball to 20 metres out.

Further momentum was frustrated by more injuries for Hinton, but several times throughout the game Hawks’ Jenaya Nagy was able to take the ball for a run, often taking two or three to tackle her.

Taylah Cooke also did well consistently getting the ball back into play in the right direction, and a late Hinton knock-on gave a glimmer of a chance for the Hawks, but it could not quite be seized.

After yet another long period of no scoring, and a few injuries, Hinton’s try was disallowed, giving the Hawks one last chance to make the board, but with only two and a half minutes to go, Hinton scored an unconverted try.

By Thomas O’KEEFE

Dallas attempts to break through, but Hinton’s defenders were ready.

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