Healthy Body Healthy Mind for Year 12 Student

Salamander Resident Caleb Faragher is on track for his HSC. Photo by Jewell Drury
Salamander Resident Caleb Faragher is on track for his HSC. Photo by Jewell Drury


SALAMANDER Bay resident Caleb Faragher was recently announced as Star Of The Month by Taylors Beach Top Coach personal training.

Fingal Bay Sports Club
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Caleb’s dedication and determination stood out amongst the field so much that he was unanimously voted  for this award by his peers and trainers.

Healthy body equals a healthy mind is a statement that Caleb really relates to since commencing his HSC year.

“I started Top Coach partially because Mum had wanted me to go, but it was mainly because I had decided that I needed to change, that I needed to bring in a routine of fitness into my life,” Caleb Faragher, Year 12 Student at St Francis Xavier’s College told Bay News Of The Area.

“I wanted to get fit and build up what little strength that I had and lose weight.”

“My goals were to improve my fitness, become stronger and to slim down and lose some weight,” Caleb said.

Caleb has improved his fitness considerably since starting training and is feeling better than ever before.

He has improved his strength, now being able to do push-ups with ease, countless chin-ups, and able to lift weights that he previously never thought possible.

Before he his training, started Caleb couldn’t lift his own body weight and since starting out has now lost approximately 10 kgs which has helped him feel more confident.

“Top Coach has helped significantly with my goal, without the motivation and support of the trainers, I’m sure I wouldn’t be where I am today,” Caleb added.

“Being fit has really helped me deal with the stresses of being in Year 12,” Caleb said.

Caleb’s daily regime is a busy one, travelling from Salamander Bay into Newcastle daily for school, working part-time with his weekends busy as a volunteer Surf Life Saver at Birubi Point.

Caleb plans to study at university in Canberra after completing his HSC.

The reward for being Star Of  The Month is a breakfast voucher for two at the beautiful Birubi Crest and a Top Coach T-Shirt.


By Jewell DRURY

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