House Fire In Medowie Put Out By Rural Fire Brigade

Medowie Rural Fire Brigade Station
Medowie Rural Fire Brigade Station

ONCE again, the Medowie Rural Fire Brigade has proven why it is such a valuable asset to the local community.

Two crews attended a house fire on 12 July, approximately 4pm at a residence in Melia Close, Medowie.

On arrival, the crews found the house with smoke issuing from the roof and rear of the house.

On determining that all residents were safe and had evacuated the dwelling, Medowie Rural Fire Brigade deployed a crew into the house to investigate and extinguish the fire.

The Brigade used the fire ground tactic of their Positive Pressure Ventilation (PPV) fan.

The PPV expels hot air that can make attacking fire more effective, particularly in a fire environment with a built structure, such as a house.

Raymond Terrace Fire Rescue NSW arrived shortly after to assist with the emergency.

Salt Ash Rural Fire Brigade also had a crew in attendance, but were not required as the fire was brought under control as they arrived on the scene.

Captain of the Medowie Rural Fire Brigade, Mr Andrew Collins told Medowie News Of The Area, “As volunteers and members who also live in our community, it is always upsetting that these things occur.”

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“But, we are very proud that we can assist in a professional manner.”

After the fire at the Melia Close property was extinguished, the crews in attendance used their Thermal Imaging Camera to ensure there was no fire, or hot spots, to attend to.

On completion of these tasks, the crews escorted the residents through the house which suffered significant smoke damage.





By Heather SHARP

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