In the garden for Hawks Nest Bridge Club

A walk amongst the tulips evokes images of a Holland landscape strewn with colour.

However a group of locals, plus one from California, were recently privileged to have a tour of local resident Marcia Dane’s equally colourful, tulip filled garden.

Jean Ryan and Sandy Shuetrim in garden
Jean Ryan and Sandy Shuetrim in garden

Thanks to Beth Williams and Helen Blackbourn this was followed by a delicious, home-made and elegantly served afternoon tea.

The occasion was a fundraiser for the (hoped for) clubhouse for Hawks Nest Bridge Club (HNBC).

There is a great need for such a clubhouse.

There are good sporting facilities in our area, there are relatively few venues for those of us no longer quite as fit and energetic as we once were.

The average age in the Hawks Nest Tea Gardens community is about 20 years higher than the national average.

Many live alone and therefore social mind sports are very important as they stimulate the brain, offer companionship and help develop new friendships.

If all goes to plan, it is intended that the clubhouse, though spear-headed by HNBC, will be made available to other like-minded local associations.

There are also commercial implications as a clubhouse will also enable Hawks Nest Bridge Club to hold bridge week-end congresses drawing players from far and wide.

This will breathe more life into our area by attracting visitors in the “off” seasons.

Such visitors often stay on to have a break from the cities.

Great Lakes Council, at the highest levels, has been hugely supportive in our endeavours and their officials have encouraged and guided us at every stage on what has been a long and sometimes difficult road.

We unreservedly thank them.

But we are not there yet.

HNBC has been saving like mad and having many fundraising activities of which the “Walk among the tulips” is the most recent.

We are awaiting the outcomes of several grant applications but it is almost certain that we are going to need more community generosity to turn a vision into a reality that will benefit many.

If you believe you can contribute, would like to comment or have any questions please contact the HNBC Publicity Officer Leslie Falla on 4997 1918.

(Written By Leslie Falla)

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