Independent To Contest Port Stephens At The NSW State Election On 23 March 2019

Bill Doran is standing as an independent at the upcoming election.
Bill Doran is standing as an independent at the upcoming election.


STANDING for the first time in a political contest is independent, Mr Bill Doran.

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News Of The Area caught up with Mr Doran to discuss his ideas for the electorate, plans if elected, and what he believes is important for the area.

Mr Doran asserts the three main areas of concern for Port Stephens voters is local government transparency, the PFAS contamination issue at Williamtown, and the unemployment rate.

Mr Doran says there needs to be a holistic approach taken to the PFAS issue, saying “The State government needs to investigate who they need to take legal action against and need to start now.” “They can take action against Defence through workplace health and safety or environmental.”

“We can actually save our environment.”

Speaking about the Medowie high school issue, Mr Doran confirmed his commitment to the public education facility, telling News Of The Area, “If Labor comes in, I will support it wholeheartedly.”

“There are over 10 000 residents in Medowie and it’s not getting any smaller.”

“It has two feeder public schools and one independent school.”

“If school kids have to travel so far it stops them doing their homework, relaxing, and doing other after school activities and this has a massive impact on their education.”

Taking on the issue of public transport, Mr Doran told News Of The Area, “There are not enough options, they are too limited.”

“Public transport is a government service, it doesn’t have to, but people have decided they should make money, but it doesn’t need to be the case, it could be reasonably subsidised.”

“Private transport companies are government subsidised; they could stay in private hands, but there should be more services.”

“In England they brought out a system where they allowed smaller companies—minibuses—to enter the market which would be worth investigating here in NSW.”

“Money has to be spent on infrastructure projects, people don’t want to live in a place with bad transport options.”

Involving residents in the decision making process is important to Mr Doran, who said, “I will have an open door policy.”

Mr Doran plans to have a rotational office in major locations, so that as he told News Of The Area, “People didn’t have to travel far to see me and visit.”

“For example at Raymond Terrace, Williamtown, Karuah, and Anna Bay locations, to get people to realise they are part of us.”

“I have the ability to travel but some, due to bad public transport access or unemployment, can’t get to their elected representative.”

Now employed at TAFE, Mr Doran said, “I understand the situation some people are in, my partner and I have been at once time long termed unemployed.”

“We know what it’s like and to have to rely on support and it is so difficult to find work.”

So many companies take advantage of people, they get you on a trial basis and then don’t get employment out of it.”

Mr Doran and his partner, Heidi, enjoy many of the places around Port Stephens, telling News Of The Area, “There are so many stunning spots and we often go to breakfast at Lemon Tree Passage.”

“Also, the sun coming up at Tea Gardens is beautiful.”

“At Tanilba Bay and Mallabula is lovely at the water and we have found the Italian restaurant at Medowie to be nice.”

“The trouble is with this place is there is not enough hours in the day to do everything!”

Although a novice in state politics, Mr Doran has a strong background of being involved in grassroots organisations, telling New Of The Area, “I like helping people and I have volunteered and was in Rotary (Queanbeyan West) for over a decade including time as a President.”

Mr Doran is on the public record for being against the Port Stephens Council Special Rate Variation, arguing that Council should be more concerned with running on a tighter budget to solve financial issues.

As for preference deals or assigning preferences, Mr Doran will not have any and says, “I am interested in policies that are more socially oriented.”


By Heather SHARP

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