Irrawang High Teacher’’s Going Beyond Their Call of Duty

Preppy Look


IRRAWANG High School teachers have been boosting their student’s morale during the pandemic, along with the wider school community.

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A group of teachers from the Science, Maths and English Departments decided to dress-up to a theme each day and the results have been hilarious.

One of the teachers involved, Taylor Ross, told News Of The Area, “The dress up resulted by us wanting to brighten everyone’s day during this stressful time.”

“A group of us from Science, Mathematics and English just wanted to have a laugh.”

They have certainly achieved their goal with the photographs being shared via the high school’s Facebook page.
It was fast becoming a guessing game of what will they do next each morning.

Taylor added, “As for how we came up with ideas, it was basically anything we thought was funny and all of us had access to at home.”

“It puts a smile on our faces every day and we’re really happy to see that we’ve been able to do the same for the wider community.”

When Term 2 commences in a week or so there will be some eager students, teachers and parents to see what the group have come up with over the holidays.




Sporty Look


Pyjama Day


Netball anyone?

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