Jake Bugg meets his biggest small fan

Levi meeting his musical idol Jake Bugg. Photos by Olivia Hurstfield
Levi meeting his musical idol Jake Bugg. Photos by Olivia Hurstfield

EVERY child has an idol when they’re little.

For eight year old Levi Hurstfield, that idol is his favourite musician, Jake Bugg.

Jake Bugg is an English musician, singer and songwriter.

Levi’s love for Jake Bugg’s music started when he heard him on the radio in his Dad’s truck.

From then on, it was all he wanted to listen to.

Levi has Down Syndrome, and his mother Olivia takes every opportunity to make sure Levi has the same opportunities as other children.

Levi has benefited greatly from using Auslan as a means of communication, so Olivia began studying Auslan at the Deaf Society of NSW in May this year.

Levi has loved learning all the new signs his mother has been learning.

Olivia saw an opportunity with Levi’s love for Jake Bugg’s songs, and the two began looking up the lyrics to Jake’s songs, learning the new signs for the lyrics and practicing them while singing.

Olivia told News Of The Area “Signing through songs is a great way to learn new signs and it combines Levi’s two favourite things. It’s been a fantastic learning tool for Levi, and he’s made wonderful improvements.”

Levi attends Karuah Public School, and last week received an award from school for great pronunciation of words whilst reading.

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Singing has opened up a whole new world for Levi to practice his pronunciation and increase his vocabulary.

Levi is also teaching his two-year-old brother Callum, who has a speech delay, new signs to alleviate frustration in everyday tasks.

The boys like to practice signing together

Last week, the Hurstfield family took a trip to Sydney to see Jake Bugg in concert at the State Theatre.

Levi had a wonderful night and signed his little heart out.

He was the youngest fan by far!

At the end of the concert, Levi and his family were given the opportunity to meet Jake Bugg at the back stage door.

They chatted together about his music, and had some pictures taken.

Levi was over the moon to meet his musical idol, and had a wonderful night.


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