Jillian Lye stands for West Ward in Local Council elections

Jillian Lye, ready for the new challenge of being a Councillor on Port Stephens Council.
Jillian Lye, ready for the new challenge of being a Councillor on Port Stephens Council.


JILLIAN Lye is standing for West Ward as an independent, non-party candidate on a platform of social justice, sustainable development and protection of the environment.

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Jillian has an architectural background, along with a sound grasp of the rules, regulations and relevant planning instruments that shape our local government area, and has been a resident of Port Stephens for 23 years.

Some of you may recognise Jillian from her stance on saving the Hunter’s oldest parkland, Boomerang Park, from development.

Jillian told News Of The Area, “I believe I have a public duty to ensure that public land remains in public hands, especially culturally significant parkland like Boomerang Park.

“Such beautiful green open spaces are vital to the health and well-being of our rapidly expanding built environments, and I will fight to retain them for generations to come.”

“It’s simple, if you don’t have a healthy environment, you don’t have a healthy community, and that goes for areas all over Port Stephens from one end to the other,” she said.

Over the last three years of campaigning for Boomerang Park, Jillian has witnessed firsthand what she describes to be the shortfalls with the current Council system.

Jillian said, “It is these shortfalls of ethics, transparency, accountability and community representation that has motivated me to run for Council.”

“I believe that it is important to listen to the people and genuinely include them in the decision-making process.”

“As a true community representative, I will act in the best interests of the community, instilling leadership and guidance that advantages all the citizens of Port Stephens and I will impart a fresh, intelligent, committed approach to Port Stephens Council.”

Jillian aims to promote smart, low impact sustainable developments that respect the environment, are energy efficient and reduce carbon emissions.
She will also support the conservation of critical habitats for koalas and other vulnerable and endangered biodiversity.
“Our natural resources are finite, and positive action now will shape a brighter and sustainable future for a stronger Port,” she said.

Jillian aims to reinforce a sense of place and well-being in Port Stephens by promoting the creative arts and culture, bringing our people and talents together, participating locally for an enriched healthy lifestyle and a strong sense of community.

“With my knowledge of the planning process and over 20 years of working with and fighting for the community, I am ready to step up and lead Port Stephens into the future,” she said.
News Of The Area will continue to present all candidates for the upcoming local elections to the people of Port Stephens.


By Rachael VAUGHAN

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