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Dear News Of The Area,

WE are encouraged today to embrace the use of Electric Cars.The Grid cannot even cope with the current demand for domestic and commercial use, yet,the powers that be, insist that over the next 5 years we change over to electric cars.

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I am no expert in power generation, but, the batteries in most electric cars have an 80kw capacity.

If one charges their car from flat, its duration of charge from a normal 240v power point, it will take about 12 hours and cost around $4.

This charging rate is about 7kw/h or the equivalent having 4 electric jugs heating water all night.

If 3 phase power is available, then ,it would be fully charged in 4 hours. Most people would have to charge their car at night as during the day they would be at work.

Most of this electricity would have to come from sources other than Solar and Wind and place huge pressure on the grid. Furthermore, it’s obvious that off peak rates will not be available overnight.

If one is fortunate to have a 10kw Solar System and have the opportunity to charge during the day.

This system, will produce on average 20kw/day.

Take out normal usage(appliances on during day), say 15kw ,then utilising the balance of 5kw, it will take 16 hours, or a couple of days, to charge from flat.

This is assuming that no power is drawn from the grid and one either does not work or works shiftwork.

Then we have the dilemma of the Federal Govt., in clawing back the lost revenue of the fuel tax currently around 40c/litre as well as the GST amounting to 15c/litre.

This loss will have to be made up by an alternative tax, possibly an environment tax.

John Alterator
Hawks Nest

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