Karate experts inspire students at Kew dojo

Sensei Jamie Dorwood, Shihan Brian McCabe, Shihan Tony Bennett, Kyoshi Craig Turner, Sensei Shaun Budai, Sensei Madeline McCabe and Sensei Anissa Hilton.

MARTIAL arts instructors with a diverse range of expertise recently collaborated to offer a seminar at Mid North Coast Karate at Kew.

The day included training in the traditional skills of ‘kata’ (form) and ‘kumite’ (grappling hands), as well as basic manoeuvres.

Seminar attendees also practised swordsmanship skills, taking part in paper cutting exercises and activities involving lightsabers.

Guest instructors included Kyoshi Craig Turner (7th Dan), who has represented Australia and been a NSW kata coach for over ten years.

Also offering their expertise were Shihan Brian McCabe (6th Dan) and Sensei Madeline McCabe (3rd Dan), who are both world champions in the Korean sword discipline.

Sensei Jamie Dorward (4th Dan), who specialises in kumite, was also in attendance.

“The calibre of the instructors was incredible,” said Sensei Anissa Hilton from Mid North Coast Karate.

“We are lucky to be able to host a seminar with this level of expertise.

“It was a fantastic day and students were able to hone their traditional skills as well as having the opportunity to learn new skills such as paper cutting.”

Anissa describes karate as a “journey of self-discovery and personal growth” which offers valuable lessons that extend far beyond the dojo.

Mid North Coast Karate is part of the Goshin Ryu Karate Association, one of Australia’s longest running clubs.

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