Karuah gets world class electric car charging station

The Karuah Chargefox electric car charging station


ON the first July Chargefox, the owner and operator of Australia’s largest electric vehicle charging network opened a brand new ultra-rapid charging station in Karuah.

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The Karuah location allows locals and tourists passing through access to this cutting edge technology.

The charging station provides electric vehicles with up to four hundred kilometers of range in only fifteen minutes and is backed up by one-hundred percent renewable energy.

Marty Andrews, the Chargefox CEO said, “This new location in Karuah has always been part of our roll out plan and it is one of a number of key charging stations planned to connect Sydney and Brisbane.”

“Chargefox is building the infrastructure required to open up the East Coast of New South Wales for electric vehicle drivers.”

“Our public charger network facilitates vehicle travel within New South Wales and interstate, and now it’s even easier to travel to and from Karuah without long charging stops.”

Ms. Nell Payne, Executive General Manager of Motoring , NRMA also commented, “The new charging station is an important milestone for Chargefox and NRMA members.”

Mr. Andrews told News Of The Area, “The new site in Karuah is a stepping stone on our journey to connect Australia’s major cities and regional centres for the thousands of electric vehicle drivers in the future.”

“A reliable charging network is critical to ensure that all electric vehicle owners can , in the future, travel where they need to without worrying about running out of charge or spending hours waiting for a recharge.”

For anyone wanting to take advantage of this exciting new Chargefox station it is located at four-hundred and three Tarean Road in Karuah.

The site features two three-hundred and fifty kilowatt capable and one fifty kilowatt capable chargers.


By Brooke LYNCH

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