Karuah Roos take on Cardiff Cobras

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Karuah Roos Rugby League

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THIS week the Karuah Roos took on equal second spot on the ladder with the Cardiff Cobras on Sunday at home.

The Game Day Sponsor was Dark Side Concreting.

Cardiff kicked off. The Roos had the dropsies and were finding it hard to hold the ball.

The Roos’ Darren Weatherall was the first to score with Sam Creose converting to open the score with 6/0.

Great metres were made by Zac Cobb, Jordan Cobb, Kane Chisholme, Tim Higgenbottom, Luke Perry, Jack Croese, Justin Anderson, Harley Ridgeway, Ben Feeney, Jake Blanch, Matt O’Connor, Dylan Foley and Darren Weatherall.

The Roos’ Kane Chisholme was in and Sam converted 12/0.

Big hitters were Kane Chisholme, Jack Croese, Luke Perry, Jordan Cobb, Matt Feeney, Zac Cobb, Jake Blanch, Harley Stevenson, Dylan Foley, Marty Feeney, Matt O’Connor, Sam Croese and Harley Ridgeway.

Half time score was Karuah 12 Cardiff 0.

The second half saw the Roos’ Zac Cobb over the line and Sam converting 18/0.

The Roos were on fire with their defensive game holding the Cobras out for about 25min i

n the second half .

Then they were in for 2 tries only converting 1 18/10 Karuah’s way.

With tempers getting very heated Cardiff had 2 and Karuah had 1 in the bin.

The metre men were Zac Cobb, Tim Higgenbottom, Jordan Cobb, Jack Croese, Harley Ridgeway, Justin Anderson, Harley Ridgeway, Dylan Foley, Ben Feeney, Luke Perry, Matt O’Connor and Matt Feeney who was so close to scoring.

Matt O’Connor had a try saving tackle to keep them out.

Hit men in the second half were Matt O’Connor, Matt Feeney, Adam Crampton, Harley Stevenson, Kane Chisholme, Sam Croese, Jack Croese, Justin Anderson and Jordan Cobb.

With Cardiff getting a penalty on the bell, they decided to run the ball and a great intercept from Luke Perry about 20metres from Cardiff’s line.

Luke ran, ducked and stepped all that tried to stop him for a fantastic runner away try to take the final score to Karuah 22 Cardiff 10.

That now puts the Roos in 2nd spot on the ladder.

Players player 3 point Luke Perry, 2 points was tied by Tim Higgenbottom and Jack Croese.

Coaches Award was Kane Chisholme. Sponsors Choice was Jordan Cobb.

There is no game next week. Enjoy your long weekend.


By Sonja EVANS


Sam Croese and Luke Perry in defence.
Sam Croese and Luke Perry in defence.


Darren Weatherall.
Darren Weatherall.

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