Nail Biting Bowling from the Tea Gardens Crew

Round 1 Club Championship Pairs.
Round 1 Club Championship Pairs.



Tea Gardens Women’s Bowling Club

Hunter Quarry
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TUESDAY 30 May,  social bowls as usual for the lady bowlers.

On Rink 5 play was a game of Fours, 2 bowls each, 21 ends to be played.

A fairly even matched game, but the winners here were Carol Bywater, Robyn Webster, Lily Smith and Wendy Brand 22 v Sheril Johnson, Jill McBride, Carol Hayden and Olive McKeown 16.

Good to see Carol back playing bowls.

On Rinks 1 – 4, 18 ends, 3 bowls triples was the format for play.

Rink 1, Julie Kennedy, Lesley Kibble and Lynn Green demolished Ingrid Luck, Dawn Jones and Karen McPhie 30 v 8.

On Rink 2, a great fight back by Dorothy Thompson, Christine Fossey and Kayelene Pearson, their team were down by 9 shots on the 15th end, scored 5 shots on the 16th end and 3 shots on the 18th end.

Final result a loss by 2 points, winners here were Dorothy Dallas, Anne Mackenzie and Dale Winter.

Rink 3 was an evenly matched game with Bette Saillard, Karen Green and Maynie Roberts 16 v Francis Betar, Deyonne Page and Loretta Baker 15.

Winners all the way on Rink 4 Bev Dunn, Kay Wahlstedt and Liz Kelly 27 defeating Kerry Faber, Pam Gilchrist and Nola Jackson 8. The winners with the highest margin were Julie Kennedy, Lesley Kibble and Lynne Green.

Thursday 1 June: Round 1 of the Club Championship Pairs Competition, some competitors had a lucky draw and moved through to Round 2.

Weather conditions were not enjoyable for a game of bowls.

Temperature 16 degrees Celsius, winds blowing south westerly 24 km/h to 28 km/h and showers.

Social bowlers played a game of Fours, 18 ends to be played but due to the cold/wet conditions it was agreed half way through the game, to shorten play to 12 ends.

Unfortunately, those participating in the competition had to endure the adverse conditions until 18 ends were completed. Winners for social bowls were Bette Saillard, Francis Betar, Lynda Richards and Karen Green.

The results for Round 1 of the Club Championship Pairs are as follows: Karen McPhie and Lynne Green defeated Pam Gilchrist and Wendy Jones 20 v 5. Carol Hayden and Olive McKeown 24 v Deyonne Page and Loretta Baker 13.

The game between  the team of Vicki Rankin and Lorraine Harvey v Robyn Beaumont and Kayelene Pearson  was  mammoth and  “nail biting”.

Vicki and Lorraine held a lead of 6 on the 12th  end, by the 17th end their lead was 1.

With only one end left to be played, there could be a winner or there could be a draw.

Result, a drawn game. Outcome, a toss of a coin to determine who wins the mat and a final end to be played.

My apologies now to Robyn Beaumont, but for me a novice bowler it was good to see that even the best bowlers send down “a wrong bias”.  Well, now news from inside the clubhouse, all spectators were well and truly glued to the windows,  (it was too cold to watch from outside).

Both teams held shot at different bowls, it was as stated previously “nail biting”, the end result was a win to Kayelene and Robyn.

Final score 13 v 10.  Looking forward to seeing the results from Round 2 of the Competition, which will be on Tuesday 6 June. Social bowls as usual during competition events.

Playing lawn bowls is a great way to exercise, meet people, learn knew skills and have fun. Sunday mixed bowls is a great venue for “old” bowlers, anyone wanting to have a “try” at bowls, visiting bowlers the list goes on.

Play starts Tea Gardens Country Club/Motel 10:00am.

Names submitted or ring 4997 0533  by 9:15am if you wish to play bowls.



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