Karuah Roos verse Swansea Swans

Jordan Cobb going in for his second try of the day.
Jordan Cobb going in for his second try of the day.


Karuah Roos Rugby League

Century 21 
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THIS week the Karuah Roos were at home for the Indigenous round on Sunday against the Swansea Swans.

Game day sponsors were KW Baker Painting and Karuah Working Together.

Before the boys kick off Mr Leigh Ridgeway performed a smoking ceremony.

Swansea kick off and it wasn’t long before Roo’s Tim Higginbottom was over for a try which captain Sam Croese converted taking the opening score to Roos 6/0.

Great metres were made by Tim Higginbottom, Justin Anderson, Matt O’Connor, Harley Stevenson, Jack Croese, Luke Perry, Adam Crompton, Sean O’Neil, Harley Ridgeway, Jordan Cobb, Jake Blanch, Dwayne Fleming and Aden Callaghan.

Harley Ridgeway was next to score for the Roos and the conversion was unsuccessful score to 10/0 Roos way.

Big hitters were Zac Cobb, Jordan Cobb, Sam Croese, Dylan Foley, Harley Stevenson, Jake Blanch, Jack Croese, Aden Callaghan, Justin Anderson, Adam Crampton, Dwayne Fleming and Harley Ridgeway.

The were in again with Sam Croese crossing the line for them and he also converted his try to take the score to 16/0.

Next over the line for the Roos was Jordan Cobb and once again Sam converted 22/0.

Before half time the Roos Tim Higginbottom was over for his 2nd try of the day and was quickly followed by Dwayne Fleming taking the Half time score to Karuah 30 Swansea 0.

First to score in the second half was Swansea 30/6 Roos way.

The runners in the second half were Ben Fenney, Aden Callaghan, Bobby Beetson, Sean O’Neil, Luke Perry, Dylan Foley, Jordan Cobb, Jake Blanch, Matt O’Connor, Jack Croese, Sam Croese, Dwayne Fleming and Adam Crampton.

Swansea was over again for their second try and conversion taking the score to Roos 30 Swansea 12.

It wasn’t long before the Roos Jordan Cobb was over for his 2nd try of the day making the score Roos 34/ Swansea 12.

Big hits were made by Aden Callaghan, Tim Higginbottom, Jack Croese, Dwayne Fleming, Justin Anderson, Harley Ridgeway, Luke Perry, Jordan Cobb, Adam Crampton, Matt O’Connor, Sean O’Neil, Sam Croese, Dylan Foley and Harley Stevenson.

Swansea were in again for their 3 try with 3 conversions making the score Swansea 18/Karuah 34.

Not long before full time Roos Dylan Foley was over for the Roos to take the full time score to Karuah 38 Swansea 18.

Players Player 3 points went to Tim Higginbottom 2 points to Sam Croese and 1 point to Luke Perry. Coaches Award went to Ben Feeney and the Sponsor’s Choice was Jake Croese.

Next week the Roos are at HOME against Raymond Terrace on Saturday game kicks off @ 2.30pm.

Game Day Sponsors are The Karuah Liquor Shop and Tony King Auto Repairs.


By Sonja EVANS


Captain Sam Croese on the run.
Captain Sam Croese on the run.

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