Kurt’s Remarkable Achievement: Becoming an Independent Bus Traveller

Kurt has been diligently working with Livable Lifestyle Support Worker Karl.

IN an inspiring display of determination and growth, Kurt, a NDIS participant with Livable, has recently accomplished the incredible milestone of building his capacity to travel independently on public transport.

Kurt’s journey began with a goal to travel independently on the local bus service from his hometown of Bowraville to Coffs Harbour to attend appointments and social activities.

Over the past few months, he has been diligently working with Livable’s Lifestyle Support Worker, Karl, who has provided him with the support and guidance to read timetables and navigate public transportation effectively.

Through Karl’s support and Kurt’s unwavering commitment, he has triumphed over obstacles and emerged as a shining example of determination.

Livable’s Direct Services Leader for Coffs Coast, Rachel Landrigan, said reading a timetable and connecting with different buses might seem like a simple task for many, but for individuals like Kurt, it represents a significant breakthrough.

“Kurt’s newfound ability to understand and utilise timetables has empowered him to plan his trips, make connections and explore Coffs Harbour with greater freedom.

“This achievement not only fosters a sense of accomplishment for Kurt but also paves the way for increased inclusion and participation in society.

“By learning new skills and working towards goals, people with a disability can build their capacity to live independently from supports,” Landrigan said.

Kurt hopes his story will inspire others facing similar challenges to strive for independence and pursue their dreams.

“It doesn’t matter if you have a disability, you can still do things and be independent,” Kurt said.

“It just takes more work and effort but it’s worth it.”

Kurt commented that his next goal is to move to Coffs Harbour, but first, he must learn to save for a bond.

Livable is a local registered provider of NDIS services.

For more information, contact Livable on 1800 289 927 or visit their website livable.org.au.

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