Lady Hawks bested by Aberglasslyn Ants at Myall Park

Sportswomanship: Lady Hawks with Aberglasslyn Ants after the match.

THE Lady Hawks Tag Rugby team battled the Aberglasslyn Ants, considered one of the best teams in the Ladies’ competition, at Myall Park on Saturday, 20 May.

On a chilly, breezy autumn morning, the Lady Hawks were spared the recent torrential rains, blessed with a cloudless blue sky for their home game.

Both sides started off with strong defence, repelling repeated scoring attempts, until Aberglasslyn’s Mikayla Welsh twice pierced the Lady Hawks’ far-left backline, to score the first two tries of the day.

Aberglasslyn’s runners were quick on their feet, highlighting the drastic change in play style that the tags demand, making line breakthroughs that much more difficult.

The third try for Aberglasslyn came via the same far-left corner of the Lady Hawks’ backline, but scorer Teegan Barr brought it around to ground it right between the posts, giving Liane Tempest-Wilson a clear shot for a successful conversion.

As the second half kicked off, the Lady Hawks came out gunning, and their determination paid off with a brilliant try from Treznae Wolter, to the right of the posts.

Tags, in lieu of tackles, once again introduced interesting tactical twists, as it was no longer about bringing players to the ground, and more about remaining fleet of foot and out of reach.

A prolonged battle up and down the Lady Hawks’ backline resulted in another try, to Aberglasslyn’s Paige Harper, with a successful conversion by Lucy Almond.

Lady Hawks’ valiant efforts to save a runaway down the wing were unfortunately thwarted by the opponents’ fancy passing and persistence, leading to fifth and sixth tries for Aberglasslyn’s Lucy Almond and Teegan Barr.

The ladies on both sides displayed remarkable sportswomanship, presenting excellent role models as they shook hands and gathered for a group photo, and welcomed the Hawks and Paterson Men’s teams onto the field.

Final score, 4 – 28, Aberglasslyn’s way.

By Thomas O’KEEFE

Treznae Wolter’s try for the Lady Hawks.

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