Learn how to protect against Identity Theft as ID Support Roadshow comes to Macksville

The ID Support Roadshow is coming to Macksville on 28 November

IDENTITY theft has been in the headlines on a daily basis recently, particularly in the wake of hackers stealing vast amounts of personal data from some of Australia’s biggest companies.

The NSW Government, through ID Support NSW, is hitting the road to provide people face to face presentations on how to keep your identity safe and help people who may have had their identity stolen.

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Every year over 150,00 Australian’s are victims of identity crime.

If a scammer or hacker is able to access your personal information without your consent, either on-line or off-line, it can impact on your personal finances and your ability to get credit cards, phone contracts or even mortgages.

Scams continue to evolve and increase in their sophistication and can be an email that asks you to click on a link, a text message with a link that may provide access to your device and your contacts or could even be in the form of a scam phone call.

The NSW Government warns that you should always be cautious about requests for your personal information over the phone or in person.

ID Support will be providing information and a help session on the topic of keeping your identity safe at the Macksville Senior Citizens Hall at 1:00 pm on Monday, 28 November.

An ID Support spokesperson told News Of The Area, “Anyone can be a victim of identity theft and ID Support NSW encourages people of all ages to come along and sit down with the ID Support NSW team to learn how to protect themselves.

“This includes using strong passwords and enabling multi-factor authentication, proactive steps to monitor whether they have been impacted as well as providing information about what to do in the event their identity is compromised.”

If you think this session might be useful you can book a place by calling the Macksville Library on 02 6568 1422.


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