Lemon Tree Patchwork ladies farewell Leone Oldham

The farewell party.
The farewell party.


THE Lemon Tree Patchwork ladies recently held a farewell party for long time member Leone Oldham who is moving to Perth in the near future.

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Leone and her husband Doug moved to Mallabula some 30 years ago from Wangi Wangi where they ran a butcher shop.

They were personal friends with fellow resident artist William Dobell (later Sir William).

Both were keen golfers and Leone played an important role with the LGU, travelling the state to officially rate golf courses for handicapping purposes.

It was on one such visit to rate the infant Tanilba Bay course that they fell in love with the town and decided to relocate to Mallabula.

Doug passed away several years ago and as a tribute to his memory, the family planted a Wollemi Pine on Tanilba Golf Course. Today the tree is several metres high.

Now into her eighties, Leone has sold up and will live with her daughter.

Several of her fellow patchworkers plan to visit her in the new year.

Speaking of her years in Tilligerry, Leone said that she will miss the friendships and the happy golfing times.

Ms Dobell said, “I’ll never forget a very funny incident which happened when we were playing away. I was playing in a trio and I introduced myself as Leone Oldham to one of the others. When she said that her name was Bacon, we laughed.”

“The third lady then told us that she owned a piggery! It really broke us up!”




Leone with Doug's memorial pine tree.
Leone with Doug’s memorial pine tree.

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