Letter to the Editor: Albanese Government tax amendments

DEAR News Of The Area,

IN 2019 the Morrison government, supported by the ALP, legislated stage-three tax cuts, mainly for high income earners, to come into force this year.

Meanwhile, post-COVID inflation created a cost-of-living crisis.

While the opposition slams Labor for breaking its promise to implement those tax cuts as they were, Labor’s proposed changes mean a whopping 57,000 taxpayers in our federal electorate of Lyne will receive a tax cut, the average of which will be $1325.

As well, 50,000 of those will receive a bigger tax cut than under the stage-three package.

Peter Dutton keeps on about the government not doing enough to ease the cost of living.

But now we have a step in the right direction and the opposition threatens to not support it, so who exactly is it that they care about because it’s certainly not lower income earners.


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