Letter to the Editor: Are renewables contributing to climate change?

DEAR News Of The Area,

CAN someone please explain how renewable energy systems do not contribute to climate change?

It is a fact that energy cannot be created or destroyed but can be converted from one type to another, e.g. wind energy to electrical energy.

It is the energy in the atmosphere that powers the weather and climate.

This energy ultimately comes from the sun.

If we install millions of solar panels, which intercept this energy from the sun, preventing it from being naturally absorbed by the atmosphere, as it otherwise would, we are reducing the energy available to drive the weather and climate.

Then we install wind turbines which extract more energy from the atmosphere.

Again, reducing the energy available to drive the weather and climate.

Given the vast amounts of energy that will be required by a modern electronic society, particularly with the addition of electric vehicles and an ever increasing population, are we not running the risk of altering the weather and climate?

If the climate is so fragile that a miniscule amount of carbon dioxide can cause an “all-encompassing climate change disaster”, as claimed by climate change advocates, then surely the vast extraction of energy from this fragile climate system must have a similar effect of altering the climate.


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