Letter to the Editor: How does State Government treat public assets?

Mr Hogbin wants these sporting fields available for public use.

DEAR News Of The Area,

I refer to your article last Friday regarding the Jetty Foreshores and Council versus State Government control/ownership.

Here is a photo of how the State Government treats what has always been a public and available to use sports facility.

There used to be cricket nets, there has always been football fields, and of recent times, basketball courts with a very expensive shade structure.

They are part of Coffs High School, but separated from the school by Camperdown St.

But the State Government has now locked this facility up – no public use.

It has to be hard to place any trust in the State Government as to their intentions with the Jetty Foreshores when this is how they treat a sports field, within the Jetty precinct that was built/upgraded at great cost with public money.

The venue in recent times has seen many families and other groups playing football, shooting baskets – where do they go now?

And let’s not even consider the look the fenced in structure presents to our visitors.

Pull the fence down, and leave the Jetty Foreshores to the ratepayers to manage/own.

Coffs Harbour High School Captain 1977.

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