Letter to the Editor: Budget a step in the right direction

DEAR News Of The Area,

LOCAL member Gurmesh Singh says he’s not impressed with the NSW Government’s budget. Really?

Not impressed with $5.1billion for 8,400 new social housing dwellings to help rectify twelve years of neglect under his party and their partner?

Not impressed with $1 billion for urgently needed repairs to social housing to make 33,500 homes fit for people to live in?

Not impressed with over half a billion dollars for emergency and DV housing to address homelessness and the need for emergency shelter?

Is he not impressed that GPs will get a payroll exemption to bulk bill and take the load off hospital emergency departments?

Not impressed with the study and recruitment bonuses already in place to train and attract more nurses?

Maybe he’s not impressed with the additional funding for community mental health services. Perhaps the $400-plus million energy bill relief fails to impress him.

Maybe he’s not aware that Homes NSW is working with the Argyll Estate community to find real solutions to social and affordable housing.

The NSW Government is not perfect.

The decision to renege on an election commitment and continue with the LNP Government’s Jetty Foreshores project harms our community and it should be reversed.

More needs to be done for nurses and hospitals.

We need a better approach to youth justice than simply locking young people up.

However, as the Budget demonstrates, NSW is on the mend after a long twelve years of neglect and mismanagement.

Mr Singh may not be impressed with the Budget, but it’s a big step in the right direction.

There’s room for improvement, but he should stop playing politics and give credit where it’s due. Then we would all be more impressed.


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