LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Celebrating differences with The Voice

DEAR News Of The Area,

A question for Peter Weyling (NOTA 26/5/23).

Peter, do you honestly think that all Australians, regardless of culture, colour or whatever, are the same?

I am a white (perhaps more sort of pinkish), blue-eyed Aussie who speaks only two languages (good and bad English).

My thought processes work the same as my friends and associates, but my conclusions are frequently quite different.

I neither want nor need to have everyone looking, thinking or acting like me.

What a total bore that would be.

Lighten up Peter, be brave, celebrate differences.

Don’t fear them, embrace them.

The Uluru Statement From the Heart, is a beautiful, generous document, an invitation to join together on a journey into the future.

There is no threat in it, Peter.

It is a beautiful invitation to create a new, more generous, kinder, less fearful, more equal Australia together.

As to all this Constitution vs legislation jazz, all it really means is that Canberra pollies of any persuasion can’t just erase it in a fit of pique, or a sudden cerebral blood rush, and as we all know, no pollie likes wing-clipping unless they are wielding the clippers.

They might have to hire yet another “whatever shall we do now” consultant.

Come to think of it, there may be a business opening for a WMJP (Warren Mundine Jacinta Price) consultancy.

There’s got to be a quid in that, surely, and the Institute of Public Affairs (IPA) is sure to approve. Come on Peter, lighten up, be brave, give it a go.


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