Letter to the Editor: Coalition turns on own legislation

DEAR News Of The Area,

THE has been a lot of discussion locally about the overall impact of offshore wind turbines on the NSW coast.

The regulatory framework for offshore wind projects in Australian waters was established by the Offshore Electricity Infrastructure Act 2021.

That Act was legislated in November 2021 by the Liberal/National coalition government led by Scott Morrison and applies to renewable energy resources, including offshore wind turbines.

The Act governs the construction, installation, operation and decommissioning of infrastructure activities in the Australian offshore area and also requires thorough environmental impact assessments before project approval.

These environmental impact assessments evaluate potential impacts on marine ecosystems, wildlife and coastal communities and MUST be completed before project approval is given.

Obviously the Liberal/National Party coalition government in 2021 was in favour of permitting the construction of offshore wind turbines, subject to the conditions that they imposed, including the requirement for environmental impact assessments.

The Liberal/National coalition government in 2021 included Peter Dutton and Barnaby Joyce who, along with National Party Senator Ross Cadell, are now vocal in their strong opposition to the construction of offshore wind turbines on the coast of NSW even before the environmental impact assessments (that are required in accordance with their legislation) have been completed!

Clearly the Liberal/National coalition is arguing against its own legislation.

Can we believe anything they say?


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