Letter to the Editor: Common sense should prevail on Pac Bay noise wall

TRANSPORT for NSW is operating totally against the wishes of Coffs Harbour citizens if they think they can get away with destroying a magnificent, mature forest of trees and shrubs – a natural, green noise barrier to be replaced with bitumen and cement!

We value our natural environment and will not tolerate the destruction of a wildlife habitat corridor, to not only endanger our wildlife but also destroy a natural existing noise barrier!

Pacific Bay Resort is also the property chosen by local actor Russell Crowe for a multi-million dollar development to accommodate a lavish Australian film studio, which will not only provide employment to thousands of Australians, but also ensure the future growth of our movie industry, and be a great tourism magnet for Coffs Harbour.

All this could be put at risk if Transport NSW is allowed to go ahead with the destruction of this natural noise barrier, which could easily be resolved if common sense prevails!

Coffs Coast.

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