Letter to the Editor: Council supporting the people on Jetty Foreshores

DEAR News Of The Area,

Firstly, I am addressing Ann Deans of North Boambee.

Where your passion is to be applauded Ann, you have got it wrong.

Our Council is not in favour of residential development on the railway land at the Jetty.

In fact the Mayor, Paul Amos, and the other five supporting Councillors, are doing everything possible to keep this land as open space for the future enjoyment of our community.

It is State Government that is pushing the short-sighted plan for residential development, including low cost housing, at the Jetty and ignoring the wishes of the community members who responded against this plan in the surveys and meetings.

Our Council has made an extremely generous offer to the State Government to buy the land for $6.7 million when it is valued at $2. 17 million and offered to also throw in land in the CBD perfectly positioned for low cost housing.

Unbelievably, this offer was refused and Council is now seeking compulsory acquisition of the land.

Don’t blame Council Ann, they are doing everything possible for us.

Secondly I would to address the community.

This is an extremely important issue for our City’s future.

It doesn’t matter if you live in the Jetty area or not: get angry.

Residential development on this Jetty land would be a disaster and create further parking and traffic issues.

Access to the area is currently inadequate but nobody is addressing that.

Some of the land in question is a narrow strip running along the railway line, add low cost housing which would have limited or no parking and we will have the slums of the future on what we lovingly call the ‘Jewel in the Crown’.

The more high rise development that is built the more need there is for open recreation space.

Despite any gripes you have with Council on other issues, on this matter we need to show our support and back them any way we can.

Our local State member, who should be working for his community and the people who elected him, is instead towing the party line.

Write to him and the State Ministers responsible – Hon. Ron Hoenig, Minister of Local Government and Hon. Steve Kamper, Minister for Lands and Property – and voice your support for Council and keeping the Jetty area open space.
Once this land is gone it is gone forever and we will never get it back.

Coffs Coast.

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