Letter to the Editor: Green solutions instead of poisons

DEAR News Of The Area,

LET’S seek common sense solutions to troubling environmental disasters.

Currently the government’s solution to the invasive fire ant problem is poisons!

Do we really want any more toxic chemicals added to our environment?

Instead, our wonderful little secret weapon, the Australian Echidna, will eat fire ants, bull ants, meat ants and jack jumper ants!

A God-given garbage disposal system!

White spot disease contaminates our local prawn industry.

Australia is blessed with the best seafood in the world, yet we export most of it overseas! Instead our government imports inferior, contaminated seafood, including prawns, from Asia, to sell cheaply to the Australian consumer!

The Australian government is not only allowing the dumping of this rubbish to be sold in our supermarkets, but also adding to the destruction of our export industry.

These imports must be banned immediately!

Fishermen buy these cheap prawns to be used as bait, directly passing the white spot disease to our wild prawns, ruining our industry!

Wake up Australia!


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