LETTER TO THE EDITOR: It is ‘rubbish’ to suggest The Voice entrenches racism

DEAR News Of The Area,

I AM a reluctant ‘Letters to the Editor’ writer, but recent comments about ‘The Voice’ have shaken me into action.

To suggest it entrenches racism is rubbish.

We have systematically and consistently put First Nations people on a lower social status since 1788.

Surely I don’t need to go through details of the Stolen Generation, 1967 referendum, and so on. But now, some suggest that doing nothing will lead to improvement.

Someone wise once said to continue doing what you’re doing, and to expect a different result is stupidity.
Why would we continue as we do and expect racism to decrease is beyond me.

The argument about creating favoured access to executive government is astounding.

Gas companies, coal and mining companies, big business, consulting firms, transport companies, and the list goes on, have had unfettered access to executive government and lobbying members of parliament for countless years, but somehow the sky will fall in if Aboriginal people are extended the same privilege.

Presumably if the referendum fails, then lobbyists and captains of big business will therefore be denied access to executive government.

That must happen to be consistent.

Something needs to change.

The Uluru Statement is a generous invitation to make progress.

Let’s not waste it.

Coffs Harbour.

One thought on “LETTER TO THE EDITOR: It is ‘rubbish’ to suggest The Voice entrenches racism

  1. WRT to access to Executive Government ……. what do you think the NIAA has been doing for years???

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