LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Stop scaremongering on The Voice

DEAR News Of The Area,

WAYNE Duesbury’s comments in his Letter to the Editor on 12 May 2023 need a response.

I differ from his opinion in that the 1967 Referendum removed `race’ from the Constitution.

Far from it.

It allowed Indigenous Australians to be counted in the census, gave them voting rights and allowed them to be recognised as citizens/residents of Australia even though they were already here.

In relation to Mr Dutton, he is sitting on the fence by wanting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People to be recognised in the Constitution, but that is far as he wants to go with the `Voice’.

I further disagree with Mr Duesbury’s comments about our PM only spending a few hours in Alice Springs.

The PM has worked tirelessly to mend relationships with some governments all over the world that the incompetent Coalition damaged in their almost ten years of government.

The previous government lacked accountability and gave the current government a trillion dollars of debt.

The problems of Alice Springs can be anywhere in Australia at any time.

They are local, regional and state issues.

At least the PM attended.

Where’s the problem now?

It might pop up on Sky News.

I laugh when you think that people are listening to Ms Price and Mr Mundine.

Every Aboriginal person I have spoken to totally disagrees with those two.

Ms Price was on Insiders a few weeks ago and she had me confused with what she wanted.

I feel they oppose the Voice because they are Liberal/Nationals and they will always find something wrong with Labor and any other party.

Their opinions as Aboriginal persons are not representative of most Aboriginal people, but they are entitled to them.

There is plenty of information available about the Voice and the process to change the constitution.

You just have to look for it.

There is too much scaremongering going on and I compare it to when John Howard was in power when he claimed that land rights for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people would take farmers’ properties away from them.

It never happened.

It’s just the same tired old parties whining just like before.


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