Letter to the Editor: It’s about air quality

DEAR News Of The Area,

THERE have been many discussions about the Federal Government’s announcement to introduce Vehicle Emission Standards and the vehicle industry consultation which started a year ago.

Most countries around the world have Fuel Efficiency Standards, which is the amount of pollution a vehicle emits – not Australia.

We have become the dumping ground for polluting vehicles with nothing done over the last ten years.

We and our families have been breathing in this pollution.

In 2017 Liberal Minister Paul Fletcher wrote an op-ed in which he stated: “Noxious emissions from vehicles – such as carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxide, sulphur dioxide and particulate matter – can lead to respiratory and cardiovascular problems.

“Vehicles also emit greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide.

“Fuel efficiency standards are about reducing fuel costs and carbon emissions at the same time. “Eighty percent of the global vehicle passenger fleet is subject to fuel efficiency standards, but Australia has none.”

In Australia in 2016 the average amount of CO2 emitted per kilometre was 182 grams, in the US the target is 105 grams/km by 2025.

If Australia had Fuel Efficiency Standards in line with comparable nations, estimates of the fuel saving per passenger vehicle could be above $500 per year, or nearly $28 billion in total by 2040.

Can I say this is not the only issue; for a decade Australia has been importing the dirtiest fuel in the world and we share this dubious honour with Russia.

If we had vehicles manufactured to give us lower emissions with better quality fuel, we would have a better chance of getting less health issues from vehicle pollution.

I carried out a comparison of fuel consumption in an Australian imported ute and a similar vehicle in America and found the American vehicle used about two to three litres/100 km less, which over 20,000 km is about a $1000.00 saving.

Imagine in 2025 being able to buy the same vehicle with better technology, better quality fuel that produces less pollution.

Next time you are sitting outside a cafe enjoying a coffee or tea, I hope you think it’s a good idea to have better quality fuel and less polluting vehicles.

For the health of our families.

Thank you,

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