Letter to the Editor: Median strips in ‘disgraceful’ state

DEAR News Of The Area,

I HAVE lived in Coffs Harbour all my life and have been involved in the Tidy Towns and Keep Australia Beautiful organisations for many years.

The disgraceful state of the median strips of the dual carriage (Pacific Highway) north and south of Coffs is not a good look.

In the past Coffs Council carried out the planting and maintenance of the median strip with no issues.

It has come to my attention that in the latter Council decided that they were not paid enough by TfNSW in the contract to continue with this work.

A proposal for extra money to do this work was put forward to TfNSW but was refused.

I have contacted several departments in Coffs Council and contacted our local state member to try and get these areas that have been planted with vegetation cleaned up, with no success.

It seems that both parties are not accepting responsibility for the work.

The areas in question are both the northbound and southbound approaches to Coffs and close to the CBD.

I would have thought with Coffs being an eco-tourism and overall tourism destination that Council would be trying to get this stalemate resolved as it is not a good look for Coffs Harbour.

I have also contacted the Coffs Harbour Bypass hotline regarding the Pacific Bay clearing and the median strip bulldozing and, in essence, was told it was part of the Bypass work and had been given authorisation by the appropriate authorities.

Nana Glen.

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