Letter to the Editor: Nuclear plan a disaster for Australia

DEAR News Of The Area,

Judging by Peter Dingle’s letter (NOTA 21/06/24) ‘Australia beyond crazy not to go nuclear’, I fear he is too far down the rabbit-hole of misinformation to realise the Coalition’s plan (if you could call it that) is a disaster for Australia.

Yes, a few Small Modular Reactors are possibly a good idea for the final few percentage points of our grid around 2050 if they prove viable (albeit ridiculously expensive) and if the Coalition has the guts to build and declare a world scale nuclear waste site which they conveniently failed to do in ten years of government.

Nobody, not even the Greens are suggesting that wind and solar alone are the answer.

Labor has always said (and energy companies have plans for) much more pumped hydro, battery banks and gas peaking plants.

We missed the nuclear boat 30-40 years ago and now alternatives are so much cheaper and better for the environment.

Sure, there will be a small amount of pain with some farmers having grid lines affecting their properties.

Having spoken to an international engineer in the power industry and reading and listening widely to experts other than the dubious voices from News Corp, I can assure you that Dutton’s only plan is to destroy investment in renewables and grid connection, waste up to a trillion dollars, bankrupt untold businesses (because now the biggest investors like Macquarie will probably walk away from further work in Australia) and divide Australia so we are just like the USA.

He will never build a nuclear plant.

The critical time for us is in the next five to ten years if we are to avoid massive disruptions – too late for nuclear.

Please read more widely, the Coalition have jumped the shark on this and deserve to be booted into political oblivion.

Safety Beach.

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