Letter to the Editor: Nuclear and renewable energy

DEAR News Of The Area,

SOME more words about our Federal Member Dr David Gillespie’s visit to Ontario to research its nuclear energy and his baseless and unscientific claims that electricity bills for the people of that province are one quarter of that for Australians due to their nuclear energy sources.

It is impossible to compare energy prices between any two places due to complex factors, not the least of which are geographical.

In terms of Ontario, it is not a country but a mere province of Canada covering an area roughly 1/13th the size of Australia and has a much higher population density.

It therefore does not require the massive and therefore expensive energy transmission system that must cover our continent, including its abundance of settlements separated by huge distances.

This system is a large component of our electricity costs.

Nor does Dr Gillespie mention that Ontario contains Canada’s ten largest solar farms or that renewable energy resources are expanding at a rapid rate, over eleven percent last year alone.


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