Letter to the Editor: Road safety issues

DEAR News Of The Area,

AS a mobility scooter advocate I must comment on that new community acquisition – a supposed safety thing in the middle of the road at the base of the Singing Bridge on the Tea Gardens side.

My concern is not only for all who navigate this questionable addition but for when we will be able to use it with all its risks.

In desperation, and in ignorance, I sped over the bridge to go to the library only to discover, after all this time, it was still roped off.

Having no alternative rather than back up – which would have been both a sight and an impossibility considering my backing skills and the narrow footpath – I ducked under the rope, got tangled but battled on.

After knocking nearly everything down and breaking the cord I dashed to the centre of the road, caught my breath and waited for a traffic break.

I lived this time.

My point being:

1. What silly positioning;

2. Why has it taken so long to actually prepare the whole disaster for public use?

Leigh ALLEN,
Hawks Nest.

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