Letter to the Editor: Your chance to enhance the headland

DEAR News Of The Area,

MY family and I have been residents of Camden Head for 50 years.

The Headland, including the Pilot Station Lookout, was once a well maintained pristine vista, accessible to not only residents but many from the community and buses of tourists visiting particularly for the view.

This area is zoned RE1 (recreational) and back in the day was accessed by boats, fishermen and surfers in order to check the bar and the surf.

Today the Headland is in total disrepair and is weed and tick infested and looks nothing like it did in its former glory.

This appears to be the result of deliberate neglect of the area, allowing it to fall into its current state of disrepair.

Despite residents campaigning to Council and staff over the past fifteen years to improve the amenity of this RE1 recreational land for the benefit of all, it has fallen on deaf ears.

However there is hope.

Council with the help of the Councillors has endorsed a community consultation program that has been seeking community feedback since August 2023.

That includes the submission of a petition with 236 signatures on it from locals and tourists alike.

Another piece of the consultation process is currently in train.

I urge all interested/concerned parties to go online to Port Macquarie Hastings Council website at www.haveyoursay.pmhc.nsw.gov.au/camden-head-masterplan and support the Individual Stakeholder Plan not the Council plan.

Consultation closes Monday 1 July 2024.

This is an opportunity to have your say in an effort to restore this recreational land to its former glory.

Improving the site will bring the tourists back and generate significant economic benefit for the wider community including the entire Camden Haven.

I urge you to participate in the survey and help bring about a better managed and enhanced Camden Head Headland and Pilot Station Lookout for the benefit of all who make Camden Haven their home and those that come to visit this magnificent Headland.

Carolyn OSBORNE,
Camden Head.

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