Liam Jackson to climb Mount Tomaree 50 times to raise funds that will free children from slavery

Liam Jackson is passionate about doing what he can to ensure a better future for children around the world.

HOW far would you go to help someone in need?

That question has become a key motivator for Liam Jackson, who has pushed himself to conquer progressively greater challenges over the past few years.

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“It kind of started as a bit of a bet over drinks,” said Liam about the genesis of his physical endurance challenges.

“Me and a mate were talking about a motivational speaker called David Goggins and the kind of endurance challenges he runs, and I said, as a joke, ‘I could walk 100 kilometres (km) without having to train for it’.”

That semi-facetious boast over drinks quickly became a very real challenge.

“My friend just kept saying ‘prove it’, and when I woke up the next day the conversation was still in my head, and I thought, ‘I could really do this’.”

In February 2021, Liam planned his course and walked 100 km over the course of one day.

“It was pretty brutal,” Liam admits, “I really should have put some work into preparing for it

“But I thought if I could manage that without training, what could I do if I put in some real effort?”

So, in November of the same year, Liam walked 150 km over the course of 36 hours.

When the time came to plan his next challenge, Liam thought that simply adding more kilometres to his walk was a bit predictable.

Or, at least, simply horizontal kilometres.

So it is that from Wednesday 8 November, Liam Jackson will climb Port Stephens’ own Mount Tomaree.

50 times in a row.

Far from being an achievement for bragging rights, with every challenge Liam has been determined to do something that would help others.

“If I was going to do anything, then I wanted to make it really count for something.”

Every challenge Liam has set for himself has been an opportunity to raise funds for Destiny Rescue, a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to rescuing children from global sex-trafficking.

Founded in 2001 by Tony Kirwan, Destiny Rescue operates teams in seven countries involving border agents, social workers and rescue teams who participate in prevention of child trafficking, reintegration of liberated slaves and, when given the opportunity, the rescue of children still held against their will.

Liam’s own working history involves dealing with troubled and fringe youth, which has cemented a sense of compassion and drive to help create better futures for children who have experienced disadvantage.

“I was driving and listening to the radio one day, “ shared Liam, “when I heard an interview with Tony Kirwan about Destiny Rescue and their work.

“It was something I immediately wanted to support.”

Liam became a ‘Rescue Partner’, regularly donating to the organisation.

His physical challenges to date have helped to raise more than $21000.

Paul Mergard, the current CEO of Destiny Rescue, described Liam as a “hero”.

“There is a door labelled ‘Rescue’, but that door only has a handle on one side of it.

“Kids are often powerless to change their situation; all they need is somebody to come along and open that door, to let them come out of the situation they’re in and rebuild their lives.

“Liam is a hero for these children, and I encourage all to get behind him in attempting to complete 50 successive laps climbing Mount Tomaree, to give freedom to these children.”

Liam anticipates his challenge will take him 36 to 48 hours, factoring in regular breaks to eat and take proper care of his feet.

If by chance you come across a young man walking Mount Tomaree with a look of determination on his face, give a friendly and encouraging wave, but don’t be put off if he doesn’t stop to have a conversation.

Every step he takes will be a step towards freedom for a child.

You can follow Liam’s journey through Instagram ( and contribute to his fundraiser via

By Lindsay HALL

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