Local DJ plays as Matildas score in FIFA Women’s World Cup

DJ Jomeca performed as the Matildas defeated Denmark.

AWESOME atmospheres were the main job for local DJ Jomeca as she played the Matildas to their victory over Denmark on Monday, 7 August at Stadium Australia.

Since last featuring in News Of The Area, Jomeca, from Karuah, has DJed at four other Women’s FIFA events, entertaining massive arenas like the Sydney Football Stadium, and witnessing multiple countries face off as they vied for the finals.

“The Matildas vs Denmark game was the biggest by far,” Jomeca told NOTA, as she, once again, entertained a stadium of almost 80,000 people.

An old hand by now, Jomeca gave insight into the art of DJing major international sporting events, with so much more behind-the-scenes than we can glean from the broadcast.

“The main goal is to keep fans engaged before, during and after the match, making a funky groove that all age-groups can enjoy,” Jomeca explained.

“We start out with a nice, centred intro, then build up to kick-off with the energy blazing, and towards the end, hyping up the songs to get the crowd and kids moving, creating a really nice atmosphere.”

Artists like Jomeca must also work within rather specific official song guidelines.

“The individual teams even have their own lists of songs they’d like played when they are warming up, score a goal, and, of course, the post-match victory song.”

The Matildas’ victory song, which we all have heard over the broadcasts by now, is a remix of ‘Land Down Under’, with Sia’s ‘Unstoppable’ also in the mix.

While she says that the Colombians were the most passionate fans, she was blown away by the roar of the crowd when Sam Kerr finally came on against Denmark, saying, “It was just as loud as when the Matildas actually won!”

With a busy schedule packed with more rehearsals in Sydney coming up, Jomeca is slated to perform again at the Grand Final on Sunday, 20 August.

“The Final will be epic, a great game and equally great show,” she said.

By Thomas O’KEEFE

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