Local Port Stephens Surfers Enjoying Uncrowded Beaches as Travellers are Banned

Stay Away: Port Stephens surfers have been exercising their surf rights. Image courtesy of Dane Loomes.


In a scene reminiscent of the glory days of Port Stephens surfing the local wave riders have taken back their beaches as travel to the region has been restricted due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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In accordance with the Public Health Order in place for the coronavirus surfing is still permissible whilst maintaining distancing measures and this has seen a calm fall over the lineups.

Local lensmen Dane Loomes has been capturing some solitary sessions at a number of well known wave magnets and reports that local surfers are adhering to the safety sanctions.

“It’s been really peaceful and a real sense of community has fallen over the breaks around town,” said Mr Loomes.

“Everyone is looking out for each other and I think surfing has been a real escape from the harsh realities of the pandemic at the moment.”

The stemming of the tourist flow has also seen less pollution around the beaches and headlands as mother nature breathes easy for the time being.

Joshua Purnell, local surfer and brick technician, said whilst the threat of the pandemic is one of real concern the local environment has never been cleaner.

“It’s been 20 plus years since the region has had a break like this from the influx of travelers,” said Mr Purnell.

“It’s terrible the effect the health crisis is having on people and businesses but at the same time the coastline seems to be thriving.

“The tourists will be back eventually but for now it’s a welcomed reprieve.”


By Mitch LEES

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