Love Stories from the Myall Coast just in time for Valentine’s Day

Sandy and Greg Snape in their SES uniforms.


VALENTINE’S Day is quickly approaching, and so it’s time to showcase some feel-good love stories from the Myall Coast.

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There’s love in the air, and if the last year has shown us anything, it’s that we need to hold on to the things we love now more than anything.

Here are some throwback love stories from the area.

Michelle and John Campbell

“Hawks Nest has always been part of our family.

“Both John and I used to holiday up at Hawks Nest caravan park separately and met in 1990 when I was working in the shop at the park.

“We would meet up year after year in the Christmas holidays and it wasn’t until I got a job in Sydney where John lived where we finally made it official.

“We just celebrated our 25th Wedding anniversary and Hawks Nest is still a part of our family, with my mum still having the same caravan at the caravan park, and John’s mum now lives in Tea Gardens.”

Sandy and Greg Snape

“Greg and I met 39 years ago through the SES in Sydney, when he thought I was a bloke as I was in white overalls being lowered down a ladder on a stretcher during an exercise.

“Seven years ago, we moved up to Pindimar and transferred to the Stroud SES and still love each other and the area.”

Olivia and Nathan Jackson

“Holidaying at Jimmy’s Beach eighteen years ago, I found my best friend.

“Flash forward to now and we’re still happily married with two kids and still holidaying at our favourite place Jimmy’s Beach all the time.”





Michelle and John Campbell at their wedding, 25 years ago.


Olivia and Nathan Jackson celebrating New Year’s at Jimmy’s Beach many years ago.

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