Major April storms hit Myall Coast and Port Stephens

The parking lot at Winda Woppa was flash-flooded into being a dam again.

UNRELENTING rain pounded the Myall Coast and Port Stephens, as a major convergence of east coast weather systems brought the April rains hard and heavily over 3-5 April.

For three days, longer elsewhere, strong southerlies clashed with ardent nor’easters, the battle in the skies unleashing sustained and torrential rain below, swelling rivers like the upper Myall, near Bulahdelah, to breach its banks, and flash-flooding in other low-lying areas.

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The Bureau of Meteorology’s official advice was that an inland and a coastal trough were building on Friday, with these systems bringing heavy falls across the state, and the potential to cause minor to major flooding along parts of the New South Wales coast and ranges from late Friday.

Myall Way and Pindimar Road each had water-over-the-road situations at multiple locations, highlighting the vulnerability of all the villages that rely on them as their one-road-in-and-out, also tempting some reckless drivers to plough through, losing their no-claim bonus.

Popular holiday parking spots and roadways at Winda Woppa and Jimmys Beach also flooded, while many shops also discovered serious leaks, as over 100 mm of rain fell.

“The biggest threat in all the areas we cover is severe thunderstorms – intense rainfall with strong winds – which are not happening everywhere this time, as the storms are embedded in the weather event ‘rain band’, producing localised events,” Stroud SES Deputy Commander Greg Snape told NOTA on 5 April.

“The Myall has a long catchment, water gets in and flows fast, and the confluence at Bulahdelah with the Crawford River adds more.”

Myall Lakes, however, acts as a big flood retention basin, hence Tea Gardens/Hawks Nest are not affected by river flooding, but flash flooding, such as those seen on the roads, is still an issue, as water volume exceeds the rate at which that water can get away.

“People need to keep their heads, ‘be prepared, not alarmed’, do not drive through floodwaters, and get their information from reputable, official sources, and act on it sooner than later,” Greg added.

By Thomas O’KEEFE

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  1. What a 3rd world sh1thole. Praise jebus.
    All those morons at pindimar living in a swamp in a mosquito plague.

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