Marko Kiose launches Gospel album

Marko Kisose, a Coffs Harbour worship leader at the local Heartbeat Church has just released a fourteen-track, Inspirational/Christian Gospel album titled The Gospel (Good News).

MUSICIAN Marko Kisose, a well-known resident around Coffs Harbour for his involvement in community projects, sport and the local Heartbeat Church where he is a worship leader, has just released a fourteen-track, Inspirational/Christian Gospel album titled The Gospel (Good News).

Debuting on 12 November 2022 the album shares an uplifting and emotional mood, with a mixture of slow and up-tempo songs, set to inspirational, Christian and Afro Gospel sounds.

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Originally from the Democratic Republic of the Congo, fleeing the war there in 2007, Marko Kisose has lived in Coffs Harbour for eight years.

One of the album’s tracks, Wakati, translating to ‘Time’, came about after Marko was involved in a car accident this year, while working on his album.

It took Marko a while to process how he survived the accident.

However, he acknowledged that God was with him and that seasons come and go but God remains the same.

Knowing this he was inspired to write Wakati and what better way than in his native Swahili, a language widely spoken in DR Congo.

“When the accident happened, my life flashed before my eyes,” Marko said.

“In many cases no-one gets out alive after the accident I had, and in a way God was teaching me something.

“Now I see life with a different perspective, and I fully understand how valuable time is.

“You could be here now and within the matter of seconds you could be gone.

“After receiving this revelation and understanding God’s love and protection for me, this is what inspired me to write Wakati.”

Other songs from the album, God Is Good and Father’s Love, are also sung in Swahili.

“Singing in my native tongue Swahili is always special and it connects me to my home country DR Congo,” Marko told News Of The Area.

“Being able to share it with the world is a privilege and I hope when people listen to these songs they can feel the connection and a sense of peace in their heart, understanding that, home is within your heart, even if you leave physically, home will always remain in you.

“The song Hold On means a lot to me as I wrote it for someone whom I deeply care about.

“This person was going through a really tough time in their life and finding it really hard to hold on.

“I wrote this song with so much emotion and dedication to them reminding them to hold on and to remember that God is looking out for them and he’s always there.”

The song Father’s Love features Marko’s brother.

“Singing with him is always a pleasure and once again reconnecting through music.

“We’ve always been there for one another, and this is one of those songs that I will never forget or get tired of listening to.”

Singing in church, the whole congregation joins in with Marko.

“We all praise and worship the Lord together in unity.”

Coffs Harbour is the place for everyone, believes Marko.

“Friendly people and a welcoming multicultural environment, I couldn’t ask for a better place to live here in Australia.”

Download the album for free at


Singing in his Swahili tongue in some of the songs, Marko Kiose connects with his former home in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

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