Media Release – MidCoast Council appoints executive team

(L to R): The new executive team for MidCoast Council, Steve Embry, Paul De Szell, Lisa Schiff and Ron Hartley (Absent: Glenn Handford).
(L to R): The new executive team for MidCoast Council, Steve Embry, Paul De Szell, Lisa Schiff and Ron Hartley (Absent: Glenn Handford).

MidCoast Council has announced the appointment of four leaders to its executive team and is pleased to introduce them to the community.

“We are confident that we have an exceptional leadership team for MidCoast Council and recognise the crucial role it will play in setting the Council up for success” said Council’s Interim General Manager, Mr Glenn Handford.

Four new Directors have been appointed to lead each Council division.

Engineering and Infrastructure will be led by Mr Ron Hartley, who will be known to many as the former director of Engineering Services at Great Lakes Council, a role which he held for 19 years.  Prior to this, Ron held a similar role at Parramatta City Council.

“I’m looking forward to working together with our community to deliver the improvements and efficiencies in infrastructure across the region that they deserve” said Ron.

Ms Lisa Schiff has been appointed Director of Planning and Natural Systems, a role she has previously undertaken for the past five years at Great Lakes Council.  Lisa brings to MidCoast a strong background in planning and natural resource management, commencing her career in local government in the early 1980s and working in this field across two States.

“We now have an opportunity to have a consistent approach to planning and growth as well as improved management of the diverse natural environment across the new MidCoast Council area” said Lisa.

“This will give confidence to our community in relation to investment and ensuring that our unique natural assets are secured for future generations. I look forward to robust discussion with our community as we set our strategic direction.”

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Mr Paul De Szell will head Community Spaces and Services and is looking forward to the development of this new division, which is different in structure to any of the previous Council structures.  Paul was previously employed by Greater Taree City Council as the Executive Leader of Service Delivery and has 19 years’ experience in NSW local government.

Paul said “Community Spaces and Services brings together a comprehensive range of service provision areas that directly affect our community.

“My focus will be to work with the community and my teams to deliver reliable, high-quality services to residents across the entire MidCoast region, and to ensure these services continue to meet the needs of our community into the future.”

Mr Steve Embry will lead Corporate and Business Systems, another division that has been developed to meet the unique needs of MidCoast Council within a complex future business environment.  Previously employed for 12 years at Great Lakes Council in the role of Director of Corporate and Community Services, Steve will be working to establish modern business systems to support sound decision-making across Council’s operations and the delivery of customer-focussed services.

“I will be working with our team to setting up business systems for the new Council to ensure the delivery of excellent customer-focused services” said Steve, who has 36 years of experience in local government.

Administrator Mr John Turner said “I congratulate Lisa Schiff, Ron Hartley, Steve Embry and Paul De Szell on their appointments and am very confident they will work together with Glenn Handford to make MidCoast Council a great success”.

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