Medowie Business Delivering World First Tech

John Worthington and Craig Baumann at the hub where they are building the Real Access business. Photo by Marian Sampson.


FOR most of us, taking a paddle down the Amazon as part of a day’s work is inconceivable, but not for Medowie based inventor John Worthington.

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John has developed and is delivering a series of devices designed to be placed in the remotest areas capturing local data and transmitting that data via satellite to secure networks.

The devices can perform amazing tasks.

The Remote Access “Water Beetle” is solar powered and can provide real time water quality data anywhere in the world.

John Worthington of Real Access told News Of The Area, “The water beetle is a self-righting solar powered module which can be used in fresh or salt water or ocean environments.”

“One of the most exciting devices that we created for use in the Amazon connects villages.”

Housed in a humble watertight 44 gallon drum the RAD44 is a totally portable communications hub that is easily transported and can be placed either permanently or temporarily.

The RAD44 has a military grade PC onboard, with flexible amorphous solar panels, and extreme weather-proof interfaces.

The Company also has a hardware “Virtual Private Network” (VPN) and secure internet solutions which are being used internationally.

The centrepiece is the Real Access secure collaboration platform which is able to connect people and networks anywhere in the world in a completely secure and immersive collaborative space.

Bringing “the movies to life”, information can be flicked across screens to other authorised users anywhere in the world.

“Most exciting has been the company’s ability to work with Defence and Government agencies to create a simple but completely secure flow of information, accessed in real time from any securely linked computer using the VPN,” said Worthington.

This technology can take a large scale map, with people moving markers (reminiscent of WW2 moves) onto a 21st century digital platform which is flexible but secure.

It is a world first, and a game changer in many different scenarios.

This technology, developed in Medowie could allow emergency services personnel to be monitored securely and in real time, giving them levels of protection, unavailable until now.

Real Access technology can be applied across industries from environmental scientists monitoring water quality in our rivers, potentially giving data prior to events such as fish kills, to monitoring body cameras of police, military and emergency services personnel and to providing access to specialist medical services and education to the most remote communities in the world through the RAD44.

Medowie and the new hub at Williamtown are already leading the world with great STEM solutions while providing a lifestyle which many in the major cities would envy.

After all, this technology was developed across the road from a horse paddock, but then Real Access delivers a solution that enables anyone from anywhere to be connected.



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