Medowie Public School’s fearless leaders


Medowie Public School Captain, Vice-Captains and Councillors for 2017.
Medowie Public School Captain, Vice-Captains and Councillors for 2017.

THE final school in our interviews with the new 2017 School leaders at every Medowie feeder school is Medowie’s ‘original’ school, Medowie Public School.

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News Of The Area met with the chosen group of representatives at the school last week, and was impressed with their manners, impeccable uniforms, neat and tidy appearance and friendly, welcoming demeanour.

Medowie Public School is a community school where students, parents, staff and members of the community value and support each other.
The school’s core values of respect, responsibility and quality underpin the daily operation of the school, and will be an integral part of the way the Captains, Vice-Captains and Councillors will be expected to conduct themselves.

These strong core values will require the school leaders to be strong, confident and dedicated.

They will be expected to be at the forefront of ensuring these core values are not only upheld, but instilled in their fellow students.

Relieving Principal of Medowie Public School, Holly Deguara, told News Of The Area, “The 2017 school leaders are a fine group of students and I look forward to seeing the wonderful achievements they make this year together as they lead our school.”

Medowie Public School is proud to announce their school leaders and congratulates them on their appointment,

The 2017 Captains and Vice Captains are Kamiah Mudge, Roshan Francke, Oliver McLean and Lilly Gorham.

The 2017 Councillors are Clare Zammit, Macy-Sky Ralphs, Nikita Short, Samantha Hopper, Riley Mitchener, Jacinta Pike, Bonnie Hunter and Ben Stanley.


By Rachael VAUGHAN

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