Medowie has new group of top Tap dancing talents

 Students of the Dance ‘n Dazzle dance school
Students of the Dance ‘n Dazzle dance school

MEDOWIE has a new group of tap dancing talent, after a group of students doing their tap exams last week achieve a 100% pass rate.

All students who completed their exams in this round are students of the Dance ‘n Dazzle dance school.

They learn from the LGTDA syllabus (Les Griffith Tap Dancing Association), the same syllabus as the infamous Tap Dogs.

Three groups were tested on the day – Test 3, Bronze Star and Silver Medallion.

Test 3 group consisted of Ebony Deguara, Scarlett Darcy, Jordyn Booth, Tayla Hall, Isabella Moxey and Olivia Lightfoot. Nicola Green, Kyara Darcy and Stacey Price did their silver Medallion, and Isabella McQualter, Amelia Atkins, Charlotte Dougherty, Heidi Farley and Lilly Davidson made up the Bronze Star group.

All students in the tap exams have been working extremely hard all year, under the tuition of their teacher, Corynne Darcy.

Kate Washington
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Exams help students to improve their confidence, technique and overall ability, as well as help them to become accredited themselves.

Ms Darcy told News Of The Area, “I am so very proud of them all.”

“ Two professional outside examiners conducted the exams, and the 100% pass rate was a reflection of how hard these students worked to get ready for these exams,” she said.


By Rachael VAUGHAN

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