Medowie Kindergarten 2020

Kindergarten kids shining bright for 2020: Isaac Phillips, Josiah Mate, Byron Davey, Christopher Nikfarjam, Violet Davison, Zoe Bevear, Lottie Slattery, Sophie Cambell, Aubrey Robertston, Paige Haynes.


THERE are many milestones in a young person’s life.

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From getting a first job, a car licence, to earlier events such as taking first steps and losing the first tooth.

One milestone that is memorable to both parent and child is the first day of school.

For the Kindergarten kids of 2020 that is happening this week.

A group of excited children gathered, shining brightly in their new uniforms, shoes, and with a few nervous smiles to speak with News Of The Area about their new adventure.

Wirreanda Public School’s newest students shared what they are looking forward to in starting Kindergarten.

Sophie Campbell said, “I am looking forward to going to the canteen to buy chocolate milk and ice blocks.”

Oldest brother in his family, Christopher Nikfarjarm said, “I am looking forward to making friends and building a megaphone.”

Isaac Phillips whose big brother will be starting Year 3 said, “I am looking forward to meeting new friends.”

Best friends Lottie Slattery, Zoe Bevear, and Violet Davison are starting at Medowie Public School together.

Holding hands, they spoke to News Of The Area about their excitement to start Kindergarten.

Lottie said she is looking forward to “Doing art and playing with my friends.”

Zoe said, “Making new friends and learning new things and reading.”

Violet is looking forward to “Making new friends and doing Maths.”

While these children are looking forward to starting school, it is normal to have a wide range of feelings on the first day of school.

There may be feelings of happiness, excitement, anxiousness, calmness, sadness with those emotions changing throughout the day.

Both the children and the parents may have these feelings, however positive they are towards school in general.

Ways to help children be ready to start school include telling positive stories about school; getting the child ready early with their school uniform, school bag and lunch box; taking trips to the school gate so they are comfortable with the school; and if possible get to know other children who will be in Kindergarten so your child knows others.

For parents, the age old question “What did you do at school today?” which invariably gets answered with “nothing” from those who are not in Kindergarten can be replaced with a more specific “Who did you play with at lunch time?” or “What did you learn in literacy?”

For parents with children who have more difficulty opening up about their day, a more general conversation about what the parent did during the day can help to open and maintain lines of communication.


By Heather SHARP


Best friends are ready to start at Medowie Public School: Lottie Slattery, Zoe Bevear, and Violet Davison.

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