Medowie Pre-school celebrates 30 years of loyalty

Michele Ireland and her dedicated staff. Photo by Rachael Vaughan
Michele Ireland and her dedicated staff. Photo by Rachael Vaughan

THIRTY years’ worth of Medowie pre-schoolers may just recognise this friendly face.

This week, Medowie pre-schools director, Michele Ireland, celebrated an impressive thirty years educating our children as a staff member and Director at the pre-school on Kindlebark Drive.

This fantastic achievement was celebrated with fellow staff members, executives and parent committee representatives at their pre-school meeting this week, with an especially creative cake by Medowie cake artist –Sheridan Hicks from ‘Cake Crime’.

Michele spoke with News Of The Area about her time with the pre-school, and reflected on some of her experiences.

Ms Ireland said, “I feel grateful to have shared my time at Medowie Community pre-school with such wonderful staff and children in this lovely town. I feel like I am part of the community fabric. In fact, most people are surprised to learn that I don’t actually live in Medowie, yet am so invested in the success of the pre-school and the children who pass through our doors. I love feeling like I am part of Medowie and know so many wonderful families.”

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Times have changed significantly in the thirty years Michelle has been part of the Medowie community pre-school.
The paperwork requirements alone have completely changed the job for educators,

The role of an early childhood educator has many facets that the parents and community may not be aware of – there is lesson planning, programming, policy writing, training, funding applications, budgeting, business plans, reporting and so much more.

Michele expressed that despite the rather significant increase in workload outside of the actual care of the children, the job is still wonderfully enjoyable and rewarding.

Medowie Community Pre-school boasts an impressive record of continuity of staff, with several staff members close behind Michele Ireland with their years of service at the same pre-school.

Michele says that this fact is largely because of the wonderfully supportive environment at the pre-school.

The staff work well together, they are happy and motivated to ensure the smooth running of the pre-school, and their enjoyment of their work life is evident, and reflects positively on the outcomes for the children in their care.

The staff have witnessed many complete sibling groups pass through their doors, and Michele reports that they are delighted to now see that the ‘children of the children’ they taught in their early years are starting to come through the pre-school.

Medowie News Of The Area wishes Michele Ireland a hearty congratulations on her thirty years of providing quality education in our town,

Thank you for being so invested in the future of our little ones.



By Rachael VAUGHAN


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