Medowie’s Uniting Learning Centre tops National Quality Standards

The excited and proud staff of Medowie Uniting Early Learning Medowie.
The excited and proud staff of Medowie Uniting Early Learning Medowie.


MEDOWIE is the home of one of the highest achieving children’s centres in the Port Stephens Area, and it’s educators are so proud they want to shout it from the rooftops.

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All children’s services are required to engage in a continuous improvement process.

Part of this process involves an Assessment and Rating Visit (every 3 years).

Services are then assessed against 7 quality areas of The National Quality Standards.

Uniting Early Learning Centre in Medowie were recently assessed.

The Authorised Officer was at the centre for a full day, assessing the practices, environments and interactions, and rated the centre against the National Quality Standards.

Services are rated as; significant improvement required, working towards National Quality Standard, meeting National Quality Standard or exceeding National Quality Standard.

Medowie United Early Learning were beyond pleased to be advised that they were rated as exceeding the National Quality Standard, the highest possible rating.

Edith Gippel, Director of Uniting Early Learning Medowie, told News Of The Area, “This is something we’ve been working hard at for a long time, and the whole team can be congratulated on their hard work, their dedication and commitment to achieving this goal.”

The National Quality Standards have been operation for some time and when the service was assessed in 2014, it was assessed at meeting the National Quality Standards.

To give an overall snapshot in Australia; 23% of Centres are currently rated at working towards the National Quality Standards, 43% at Meeting and 33% at exceeding.

There are 38 Centres that are rated at Significant Improvement required, and 50 centres rated as Excellent.

Edith said, “Excellent rating is something a Centre can apply for as an extra, after an Exceeding rating is achieved.”

“We are the only Early Childhood Service in Medowie and surrounding areas to have achieved this rating.”

“We’re grateful to everyone, especially our wonderful families and service users who contribute to our service every day, because this achievement is theirs as much as ours,” she said.

Edith added, “After a short happy dance we will keep going with our Continuous Improvement Cycle which is part of the Quality Improvement Cycle and the National Quality Standards.”


By Rachael VAUGHAN

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