Merger will go ahead for Great Lakes, Gloucester and Greater Taree Councils

The NSW Cabinet yesterday resolved to merge 19 councils across NSW, with the merger of Gloucester, Great Lakes and Greater Taree City Councils announced as part of the Government’s Fit for the Future reforms.

The NSW Government has issued a Proclamation that the new Council is to be called the MidCoast Council.  The three councils have been merged and an administrator, Mr John Turner has been appointed to fulfil the function of the Council.

The interim General Manager of the new Council will be Mr Glenn Handford, formerly Great Lakes Council’s General Manager.

The Deputy General Managers of the new Council will be Mr Ron Posselt, (formerly Greater Taree City Council’s General Manager) and Mr Danny Green (formerly Gloucester Shire General Manager).

“We accept the NSW Government’s reform agenda and we are determined to work towards making this new council as effective for its residents and ratepayers as we can” said Interim General Manager, Mr Glenn Handford.

“Our communities have always expected a lot of us and that will not change.  We are committed to a well-planned, well managed transition to a new entity.”

Transition to a new council will require dedicated resources, detailed planning and a commitment from all to make it happen.

“While the logistics of such a merger are challenging they also offer the opportunity to adopt improved business processes in the new council” said Mr Handford.

“The three councils are prepared to commence planning for the MidCoast Council and our work begins from today to create an efficient entity that will meet the expectations of our community.”

“Having the combined skills, experience and knowledge of the three councils working together can achieve that outcome.  It is clear that different councils have different strengths and we can all learn from each other.”

“We intend to move forward in partnership with our community.”



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